Mine Reclamation Solutions
BKF Equipment through years of research and development has patented an environmentally friendly process for waste coal recovery. With our innovative portable technology we offer the ability to mine what was once economically unmineable reserves.
  • Economical benefits - Abandoned mine lands are most often found in economically depressed areas. Millions of tons of recoverable coal are generally found at these abandoned mine sites. With an opportunity of creating directly and indirectly hundreds of jobs at each individual site, the economical value is astronomical. There are over 5,200 recognized abandoned mine sites in the U.S. the average coal miner in the United States earns better than $60,000 annually.   
  • Environmental benefits - BKF Equipments' Shark Separation Systems use only water for processing in a closed circuit with no chemicals or additives. By reclamating these abandoned mine sites the increased land appearance and value encourages economic growth and opportunity for generations to come.



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